About us

Four Seasons Community Care, based in Torpoint, South East Cornwall have been providing quality care in the home since 1996. Over the past 2o years we have witnessed how care has changed, grown extensively and is a vital service, essential to help ease the strain on the National Health Service. The Homecare services sector has grown rapidly and continues to expand as patients and carers understand the benefits of staying in your own home around familiar surroundings. We aim to cater for any person wanting to remain at home and needing some source of assistance however big or small this may be.

Working in various care settings throughout my career, including Treliske hospital, St Lukes Hospice and many others, for me there has never been anything nicer than looking after people in their own home, were ideally we would all like to be. Working with my team for the past 16 years, of which we have never had anybody dissatisfied with their care. My own brother was terminally ill, so it is very important to me as a manager, and my care team to get it right. His last choice was to be cared for at home, so I have first hand experience within my own family and know how important it is that our staff are highly trained and competent in their job with both care abilities and the personal touch, which is what makes Four Seasons different. Four Seasons has been classed as Award Winning Care, and recognised as superb for our training levels, and we always work to get it right.”

Julie Wood, Four Seasons Community Care